How to stitch 360 Panorama Real-estate Photography Using PTGui

Make sure you know these three rules before stitching 360 Real-estate Panorama Photography Image Editing.

360 Panorama Photography Using PTGui

How to stitch 360 Real-estate Panorama Photography Using PTGui

  1. Avoid parallax, use a pano head or philopod

Parallax is a phenom where two things in your origin images seem to have changed their near points from one to add, because of innovations in the camera’s prospect. To evade having stitching flaws, we propose that you avoid having parallax at all costs, that is also to say, All of your Photos to be stitched into a panorama must be shot from 1 single aspect.

The angle for your camera lens is its aperture pupil, also known as a no-parallax point or nodal point. Now think if you attach your camera on a tripod and commence turning it on its base, the lens/perspective is continually changing as you take pictures for your panorama. And that is definitely Not what we want.

To resolve that dilemma, you need to join a panoramic head, pano-head for short, on your tripod, to support rotate your camera around the front of the lens.

If you don’t have a pano-head, you can also craft a philopod, which is a part of the string equaling the no-parallax point of your camera at 1 end with a mass at the other end. This method is also described by its creator, Philippe Hurbain on his own website.

That way, by holding your 360 cameras rotating on a rigid point, you have assured that the prospect remains alike, and spared yourself the headache of having stitching faults.

  1. Get sure everything is on standard mode

Lock your exposure by choosing the Manual mode on your camera settings so all your photos will be taken with the same exposure settings. If the camera setting doesn’t come with the Standard mode option, you can still score on PTGui’s Blender to smooth out the contrasts in brightness.

Fix the focus on Manual too, Lock the white balance in your camera, which you can prefer to use the camera presets.

  1. 20% Overlay between Photos

Nearly 20% flap within your Photos should support PTGui recognize where every image goes in your panorama without obstacles.

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