Changing sky appears in your photograph is the emerging way to explore your property. Looking appearance is the important role in image processing technique, which can modify any kinds of images from their actual level into extraordinary level. The right kind of photography is always helps to showcase your property among your targeted audiences. Due to natural circumstances, if your photography were affected, just leave worries there itself.

sky changing technique

sky changing services

Real-Estate-Image-Editing-Service is the world class outsource real estate image editing services providing company delivering exclusive photo retouching and enhancement techniques to our customers among the world. We are providing a sufficient way to remove or replace sky with your professional photography.

sky changing technique

sky changing services

Remove and Replace skies with Photoshop:

By using Photoshop blending options you can easily changing or replacing skies appears in your photographs. We can also using magic wand tool and selecting colour range will provides ways to change your skies, but, our graphic designing team at real-estate-image-editing-services will helps to enhance your photographs with the basic image enhancement techniques.

Changing skies in Photoshop using blending options are involved in following steps:

• Open the sky image in Photoshop (Background layer)
• Open the image you wants to changing sky
• Select and copy the images and paste into the original layer
• Make sure that sky and the image you want to change sky is same height and width
• Create duplicate layer for your image
• Select duplicate layer and make it invisible
• Again go to layer 1 and activate it
• Select the polygonal lasso tool and select the image areas that you wants apply new skies
• Then click the background layer
• Select the layer mask option
• Again select the duplicate layer and activate it
• Open layer style box and select blending options
• Select the advanced blending option
• Set blue from the dialog box
• Adjust top slider from right to left
• Adjust the transition between slider to remove fringing in your photographs
• Save your images

Our company is working to serve much real estate and imaging industries to grow up their business into next level. Hence, feel free to contact our team members and outsource your photographs to us. We are not only serving for one industry, our only motto is, with our qualitative image editing services, we will helps our customers to engage their audiences by keeping beautiful photographs on their online portals.

Feel free to contact our team and outsource your imaging needs to us, we can analyse your images and delivers you within 24 hours’ time period.
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