Due to the bad camera lens settings, whether your real estate photography blended horizontally or vertically from the original angle. Don’t you have any idea about, how to recover your images from these circumstances? No more worries hereafter, just finish up your search with Real-estate-image-editing-services. Our Perspective correction services will help to remove the lens problems occurs in your photographs.

How perspective issues will occur to your photography?

Experienced photographers also making some blend mistakes in their photography, the reason may be from anything. But, most probably camera lens adjustments or settings will be the reason for making perspective correction issues. The angle adjustments between the camera and focusing angle may cause perspective correction problem. The result of perspective is, your property images may bend across horizontally or vertically.

Perspective correction technique

Perspective correction

What is perspective correction?

The problem occurs in your images due to bad angle adjustments or perspective lenses in your cameras called as perspective correction. When you take photo of the tall building by standing down. By this, condition the area you are focusing and the target building angle may differ. This problem will occur due to the bad lens adjustments.

Types of perspective correction:

There are two types of perspective correction usually occur in your photographs are followed by,
• Horizontal perspective correction
• Vertical perspective correction

How to recover your photographs from perspective correction issues?

By using Photoshop and Illustrator tools, we at Real estate image editing services team, will work on your images and bring exciteful solutions to your photographs. We mentioned the process of removing perspective corrections manually using Photoshop tools are,

Step 1: Duplicate the Background Layer
Step 2: Open the Lens Correction Filter
Step 3: Straighten the Image If Needed
Step 4: Fix Any Barrel or Pincushion Distortion
Step 5: Drag the Vertical Perspective Slider to Correct the Key stoning
Step 6: Set the Edge Option To Either Transparency Or Background Colour
Step 7: Apply the Free Transform Command If Needed
Step 8: Crop the Image

Perspective correction technique

Perspective correction

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