Panorama Stitching

Panorama Stitching is also known as image stitching or photo stitching. Panorama Stitching is a process of stitching images by a combination of multiple images with help of overlapping fields of image view in order to produce a segmented panorama or high – resolution images of photography.

The panoramic view is an unhampered or a wide view of a broad area in each and every direction. It is a wide pictorial representation or a cyclorama for a landscape or any other scene, the Panoramic view has often executed an interval of a time and it is passed well before the spectators.

How to take a Panorama Image with the help of iPhone or iPad

  • Switch to camera on your iPhone or iPad
  • Swipe twice to the left just to change the mode of Pano
  • Tap on the arrow button which appears in order to change the direction if you are desired.
  • Tap on the shutter button to start taking panoramic images or photographic
  • Turn around your iPhone or iPad to capture as your surrounding as much as required
  • Finally, tap on shutter button at the end in order to end the panorama.

Virtual Tour   

A virtual tour is a reproduction of an existing location, which is usually composed of many numbers of sequences of videos and many still images. This virtual tour service also uses many other multimedia elements like sound effects, music, narration and some textual contents. Virtual Tour is a greater distinguished from the use of live TV to affective tele – tourism.

Panorama Stitching

Panorama Stitching and Virtual Tour Creation

There are two types of Panorama Stitching for Architectural Photographers they are,

There are many Panorama Services some of them are,

Process of Image Stitching Service for Architectural Photographers

  • Collection of architectural photography and arranging them in an order
  • Finding the exact control points
  • Purifying the photographs
  • Matching the photographs accurately

Panorama Stitching and Virtual Tour Creation for Architectural Photographers Service Provider

Real-Estate-Image-Editing-Service is an Excellent Panorama Stitching and Virtual Tour Creation Service Provider for Architectural Photographers. We offer Panorama Stitching and Virtual Tour Creation services from the hands of Professional Graphic Designers.

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