Real Estate Photography Ideas to blend HDR Photos

blend HDR Photos

Editing for HDR Real-Estate

Editing for HDR Real Estate Photography

There are numerous ways to edit to build an HDR effect. While there are some programs over there that are specifically for HDR editing, you can effortlessly create HDR images with Photoshop.

Real estate photography, a niche that not a lot of photographers choose to work within, can be one of the more complicated types of photography. After all, houses are filled with lots of shadows, corners, and the most uncooperative or unforgiving things to try to photograph. Light is a premium, but some real estate photographers have found a solution by using HDR for real estate photography.

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, images are emerging as a viable alternative to multiple lights or flashguns in a home. Photographers that have no desire to haul around and set up all the lighting are using HDR to create 3, 5, or even 7 exposures of a room and merging them into one HDR image. It can offer a great looking image with what some believe is a more natural feel to it.

In order to produce HDR images of a home, you will need a few things. You may already have some or all of these things, but if you don’t, none of them require an overly large investment. This list assumes that you already have a DSLR, lenses, and media cards.

Tips or tactics for using HDR for Real Estate Photography

It’s light to get taken away with this method and create images that look too even. You want your work to still look vivid.

What does this mean to your editing method? It means that the scene outside the window should never resemble like it’s the same exposure level as the interior. It’s okay to give it a little brighter and just let a bit of the view to evident.

Moreover, while you brighten the shaded spots, retain to leave some shadows in the image so that it looks genuine. Having the dark areas too bright will make it feel shallow or washed out, which anon is not a realistic look to have.

HDR, like any editing process, is an excellent tool to have in your stockpile. However, it’s a tool that should only be used in balance and to the extent required.

This being told, it’s absolutely normal to test early on and let yourself to take it notably than needed so you can test the frontiers! Experimentation is what will help you gain your aid zone.


While there are a plenty of ways to include this way into your editing, the simple things we discussed above will get you close enough with it so you can start executing with client shoots.

As always, attempt and have fun!

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