An easy way to attract property buyers from Real Estate Photography

  1. Make the first Real Estate Photography photo shoot free.

Seeing is considering. While a real estate agent or a home seller might know in the idea that his or her house listing could be enhanced by better photos, many consider that the cost is not meriting the expense in professional photography services. Or they deem that it will take a long time to get Images posted to their listing. Whatever the cause for their hesitancy, granting them a free shoot is the swiftest way to get them to the crossroads.

  1. Provide a lunch for a small office of real estate agents and give a precise presentation.

Just like the 1st free shoot method, this is a prospect to get the real estate agents to the crossroads–comparing quality real estate photos with standard ones. Provide an affordable lunch to a few real estate agents in a regional office. Use the opportunity for a slideshow or print samples of your professional photos associated with images taken from smartphones with no post-processing or with inadequate lighting. Which cannot emphasize enough how valuable it is for the agents to see the contrast for themselves within the light of your quality photos.

  1. Offer free smartphone photo tips in a swap for a presentation about your given work.

This method might also resemble counter-intuitive or absurd at first. Isn’t the complete concept of bartering your Real Estate Photography Photos to get real estate agents to move away from taking smartphone photos and hire you?

Not exactly. The goal is to get them to hire you as often as possible for the highest professional fee plausible.

Real-Estate Photographers

An easy way to attract property buyers from Real Estate Photography

  1. Extend your highest package for the price of the lowest package for first-time buyers.

Like the 1st free shoot method, this gives them a purpose to see what your services are all about. It also gets your high-grade work in front of them. It may be that your premium photos emphasize composite techniques with varied light origins, drone work or blue hour Images. Whatever your high-end work output delivers, this allows them to cherish you for this, while still forming some revenue for you.

  1. Offer a “post-processing only” package a service.

I’ve had dealers tell me that the two most important concerns that keep them from hiring photographers are cost and time. Price is reasonable and sensible. But time is also a significant segment of a real estate agent’s profitability. The sooner Images are on the listing website, the sooner the listing will draw possible buyers. In a fleet market, a photographer who can’t get to the property for two weeks might be more expensive to the listing than average photographs.

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