Best Way to Shoot 360 Photography

8 Tips and Tricks for Shooting Awesome 360

Use a fast memory card

Invisible selfie stick

Go hands-free with pocket trick

The best tripod for 360 cameras.

Bring a cloth and clean the lenses often

Keep your distance

Point the front lens at the action

Keep light even over both lenses

360 Photography

Best Way to Shoot 360 Photography

How to Shoot 360 Photography?

When we travel to wondrous places, taking photos allows us to show our family and fellows what we saw. Creating the perfect photo is a process of pointing your camera at something fascinating and shooting at the best time. But what if the people viewing your image could practically stand where you were being, and gaze around, fully involved in the pictures?

360-degree panoramas are a different and compelling way to let your viewers search your photographs. If you’ve ever worked with Google Street View or have seen a Real Estate image listing with a virtual tour imagine taking this type of interactive photography on your following adventure.

Seeing the World in 360 Photography

While many phones and point-and-shoot cameras have a panorama mode, 360 spherical panoramas will take your pictures to even further by adding everything in the picture. Imagine your photo being projected on the inside of a large ball. Your spectators will be able to look in any direction, up and down or side to side!

Ricoh Theta: The One-Shot Wonder

If you want to shoot 360 Photography without the problem of apps the Ricoh Theta is a small and simple to use a camera that takes 360-degree panoramas in one shot. The Theta has a super-wide lens on each side and normally does an excellent job of stitching the images collectively. Thee can either press the shutter switch to make a 360 or shoot the camera from an iPhone. I take this camera with me all day, so I never miss a bit to shoot a 360

Shooting 360 Panoramas with a DSLR

If you’re serious about shooting 360s, you’ll ultimately need greater quality panoramas with higher resolution. Next step is to use a   DSLR with a fisheye lens and a panoramic head. Using a fisheye lens enables you to gain a fully spherical 360 in a right number of shots. Wide-angle lenses also work well, but need shooting and stitching more images. While handheld 360s are likely, using a pano head on a monopod or tripod does compile your panorama a lot simpler.

Camera Settings

Keeping your exposures consonant within shots is a significant part of shooting 360 panoramas. I recommend shooting RAW pictures in Standard mode. You’ll want to retain street lamps or other active light sources away from the blend area of your images. Also look out for tripe shadows, which can be complex to exclude. A cable release is useful for limiting camera shake.

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